Name Benfield Estate Medway, Ohio
Auctioneer Mother Hubbard Auctions Inc.
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Date(s) 7/7/2016 - 7/14/2016
Online Bidding Only Auction ____________________________________ Bidding starts on July 7, 2016 at 10:00AM Bidding ends on July 14, 2016 at 7:00PM
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Location 127 and 129 West Main Street
Medway, OH 45341
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BID NOW!!! THE BENFIELD ESTATE 127 West Main Street Medway, Ohio Click Here: The auction will begin to close/end at 7:00PM on Thursday, July 14th. The sale will last about 3 hours from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Plan to be online to get your favorite items. A fantastic Antiques, Collectables and Personal Property Sale in Medway, Ohio. The Benfields operated Medway Cleaners for over 56 years in downtown Medway, Ohio. They closed the business in September, 2015. Ben, Sue and their son Jeff enjoyed collecting antiques and many of them have decorated the Medway Cleaners business over the years. This estate has very nice antique furniture, antique kitchen collectibles, antique toys, antique dolls, primitive tools, vintage poster advertisments, unique items of all kinds....and many in their original boxes. Most all items in this Online Sale can be shipped and we are contracted with very competitive carriers to keep the shipping cost most economical. PRIMITIVES: 5 Wooden Hat Presses, Hat Molds, Hat Stretchers, Wooden Berry Bucket, Wooden Sifters, Multiple Rolling Pins, Tin Spice Boxes, Cast Iron Kettle, Miller Hotdog Bun Cutter, Wooden Harnesses, Wooden Planes, Brass Steam Whistle, Washboards, 1879 Tobacco/Cigar Cutter, Wooden Sled, Oil Wells, Match Holder, Multiple Crocs, Churns, Old Tools, Antique Iron Urns, Iron Gates, and Iron Fencing ANTIQUE FURNITURE: 1890’s Cherry Sideboard w/ Barley Twist Legs, 1890’s Cherry Gate Leg Table w/ Barley Twist Legs, Cherry 2-piece Stepback Cupboard (Reproduction), Set of 6 Walnut Chairs by Krebs Stengel Co. NY, Antique Walnut Wardrobe, John Boos Butcher Block, Oak Full Side Bed w/ Rails, Oak Dresser w/ Beveled Mirror, Half Moon Table, Walnut Eastlake Dresser w/ Marble Top, Antique Rockers, and Wooden Plant Stands ADVERTISING: Vintage Pepsi Thermometer, Vintage Dr. Pepper Thermometer, Local Methodist Church Signs from Medway, Neon Signs, Excellent “Aldens” Carboard Advertising Posters, “Campbells” Harvest of Good Foods Cardboard Sign, Vintage Cardboard “Vernors” Advertising Poer, Large Wooden “Fast Service” Sign, and Coca-Cola Clock TOYS: J. Chein Cathedral Church Music Box, J. Chein Ferris Wheel w/ lever action, Wolverine Shoot-A-Loop Marble Game, Wolverine Spot Shot Toy w/ Original Box, Early Train w/ Wind-Up Toy, J. Chein 1940’s Drummer Wind-Up Toy, Hubley “Huber” Tractor Roller Cast Iron Toy, Champion Cast Iron Police Cyle w/ Side Car, Hubley Cast Iron Tractor, “Little Squirt” Celluloid Toy w/ Original Box, Red Phone Bank Child’s Tpy w/ Original Chord, Hummel Child’s Tea Set w/ Original Box, Childs, Drum Major Hat w/ Original Bag, Crescent Iron Stove Toy, Marx Old Jalopy Friction Toy, Several Antique Marble Lots, 1880’s Heubach Doll, “Honey” Effanbee Doll, Madam Alexander Doll, Shirley Temple Doll, “Liza” Doll, and “Florence Nightingale” Doll LIFETIME COLLECTABLES: 1949 Farmall Cub Tractor, Antique Concert Roller Organ, Edison Cylinder Player, Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph, Many Old Local Medway Photos, Vintage Valentine’s Day Candy Boxes, Reagan & Bush Memorabilia, Vintage Stamps, Vintage Coins, Rogers Bros. Silverware Sets, Ecko Serving Sets w. Original Boxes, Vintage Knives, Vintage Sewing Items, Many Antique Pictures, Neon Clock, Neon Window Signs, Depression Glassware, Fiestaware, Vintage Pipes, Vintage Pocket Watches, Vintage Shaving Items, Vintage Table Clothes, Vintages Clothing, and Antique License Plates Pick Up Date: July 16th 10:00AM to 3:00PM If you need other arrangements for a different pick up day, then just please contact us. A little history on R G (Ben) and Sue Benfield: In the late fifties, the Benfield family owned and operated a dry cleaning plant known as Fairborn One-Hour Dry Cleaning located on Airway Road, which today is called Colonel Glenn Highway. Across from the business were many dormitories belonmging to the government, which was the main source for the customers. The government gave this property to Wright State and the dormitories were torn down and moist oif the buisiness went with them. This was about the time Wright State University was being built. So, in order to stay in business. the Benfields needed to find a building large enough to house a dry cleaning and a laundry plant. After looking for a long time. Ben finally decided that the buildings alocated at 127, 129 and 129C West Main Street in Medway would be appropriate especially sinced they could live right next door. Sue Benfield remembers feeling that Medway wasn't even on the map. And she asked Ben "Where are you taking me?' She said later she found out he didn't know either. During their travels from Fairborn to Medway, they often took Osborn Road. Sue remembers how scary it was to cross the Mad River on the old bridge and always felt each time theyu crossed that they surely would fall in and drown. Sue claims not only was the bridge scary but it was the darkest road at night. She "prayed alot" on that road. Today there is a nice bridge there which was built by Clark and Greene Counties. To this day, Sue tries to avoid that road because of all the bad memories. The store building at 129 West Main Street was divided in to two family dwellings. It took alot of renovations to get it ready to install plumbing, electric and all of the machinery to run the Cleaners business. By the time all of the dry cleaning equipment was in place, there was no room for the laundry Press, which had nine washing machines and the extractor. The back porch of the residence was convenient so the Laundry equipment was set up there. And that is where Sue pressed laundry for a long time. After a few years though, they did away with the laundry part of the buisiness and sent that work out to be done. Their youngest son Jeff took an interest in the business. Ben had Jeff work in the back and learned how to clean spots and later how to press. Jeff became the backbone of the business and ran the business for over 30 years. Many people will remember the Cleaners from the many window decorations at Christmas time. Many people would just come in just to see some of the antique toys and decorations. And through the years, the Benfields tried to do something different in their window displays for each season. The Cleaners will also be known for the pop machine that always sat out front. Many people stopped day and night to get a can of their favorite soda. All of the property was purchased by Ben and Sue Benfield from Helen Palmer on May 23, 1960. Mrs Palmer wanted to carry the mortage because the interest would have helped her financially. And so the Benfields di their little bookwork together. Their monthly paymeny on the property was $150.00 After two or three years, Mrs Palmer reduced the payment to just $100.00 monthly. When Ben and Sue first moved to Medway they had their first two sons Jimmy and George. Jim was six and was entering the first grade at Medway Elementary. Sue can remember being able to see the school from the Cleaners and thought that was a big plus.The residence house located at 127 West Main Street was divided into three family dwellings when the Benfields purchased the property. The house had eighty outside doors. Today, it is just a one family dwelling and four outside doors. Sue said her parents helped here move and get organized in her new home. But her Dad soon found out that the Tavernette was just up the street. He called it a "beer joint." Sue had to reassure him that the Tavernette was not a bother to them. Her father was southern born and raised in a dry county (and a Baptist) and felt that the beer joint was too close to his grandchildren. Sue said she can remmeber being in any surrounding town and if you mention Medway...then they would always ask if that was close to the Tavernette. Mr Benfield was an animal lover. When they moved to Medway, they brought a pet duck named Judy with them from Fairborn. The duck layed two eggs each day. Thery also raised chickens and most of them were bought at Easter time. Sue said when the weather got cold, then the chickens had to stay in the house and she was always counting them to make sure none were missing. One day a lady gave Ben a small pig. He put it on the floor of his '63 Chevy and brought it home. Then came the Shetland pony named Dolly and she was pregnant....soon thereafter they had a baby pony named Fredee. Sue told the story about one day Dolly decided to take a walk down the sidewalk and stepped up on the porch of 119 West Main Street . when they found her, she was on their porch looking through the fron window. Then came the cows. There were two cows for milk, but Sue could not milk from time to time, the neighbors would do that when Ben was out of town. One year on New Years Eve, the pig and cows were out on Main Street and Ben was not home. Sue was not very happy. When Ben got home, she told Ben she was not a "happy camper" and that she wanted these animals taken to Copey's Butcher Shop....and that if he didn't take them then she would find someone who would. Mr. Copey took the animals and butchered them and then they were put in the Benfields freezer. The stories about the Benfields are endless and it has been an absolute pleasure taking the time to listen and learn about all of the fun stories and learning some of the history of Medway and the Dry Cleaners that operated there for so many years.
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